Inside iOS Dev

Inside iOS Dev

Inside iOS dev is a weekly show about real world iOS development. Your hosts, Alex and Andrew, talk about their experience working on a legacy codebase that supports thousands of monthly users. They discuss everything from implementing specific features, to creating flexible designs, to utilizing refactoring techniques, and more. This is THE show for professional iOS developers.

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    WWDC 2018 Recap - What you need to know as a developer

    Alex & Andrew do a quick recap of the WWDC 2018 Keynote & Platforms State of the Union. They get straight to what you need to know as a developer to be on top of all the new announcements and changes.

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    Learning the Realm database with Marin Todorov

    We invite author & Ray Wenderlich contributor Marin Todorov to talk about the Realm database. Marin explains what it is and why you might use it as a persistence solution. He talks about his new book "Realm: Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm Database".

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    App Architecture with Florian Kugler

    Florian Kugler, co-founder of the popular, joins us to discuss his new book "App Architecture". We discuss the five architectures covered in the book: Model-View-Controller, Model-View-ViewModel + Coordinator, Model-View-Controller+ViewState, ModelAdapter-ViewBinder, and The Elm Architecture. We also touch on the VIPER architecture and why it wasn't included in the book. Finally, we close out with some advice from Florian.

    Want to read the new "App Architecture" book?

    Want to win a free copy of the "App Architecture" book?

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