Inside iOS Dev

Inside iOS Dev

Inside iOS dev is a weekly show about real world iOS development. Your hosts, Alex and Andrew, draw from their experiences ranging from 4+ year old legacy codebases, to small startup green field projects, to working on apps at places like Uber & Reddit with millions of active users. They discuss everything from implementing specific features, to creating flexible designs, to utilizing refactoring techniques, and more. This is THE show for professional iOS developers.

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    Overview of Mocks, Stubs, and Fakes

    Alex gives an overview of unit-testing mocks, stubs, and fakes and explains what is the difference between them.

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    Q&A: How to start a career in software engineering after prison

    Alex & Andrew respond to a listener question about starting a career in software engineering. How to choose between a coding bootcamp and university? What should one learn to be a marketable software engineer? What's the best way to learn? What's the market like for mobile software engineers? And more!

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    Andrews "Toast View Model" Struggle

    Andrew talks about his recent design struggle with trying to work both within and maintaining a Model-View-Presenter architecture in the context of pre-existing code.

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    Evolving Mobile Architecture at Reddit

    Andrew talks about the recent architectural refactoring work he did at Reddit. He explains how the iOS team moved from an MVC architecture to a Model View Presenter (MVP) architecture. He also talks about Texture -- an async layout framework for fast scrolling feeds.

    This episode was originally recorded March 2018.

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    Q&A episode: React Native & the cultish force of Javascript

    We answer a listeners questions. What is the threat/benefit of React Native? What's happening to the job market because of React Native? How do you stay immune to the cultish force of the Javascript religion? What effect will WebAssembly have on web development?

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